Relive the days of renting movies from both franchise stores like Blockbuster and local mom-and-pop stores through a unique multi-interview audio experience featuring former store employees.

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Season 2 Rewind

Adam, Chad, and Jason bookend Season 2 by reflecting on what they learned about rental stores, favorite stories that were shared, and their recent VHS collecting exper...

S2: Pushing Stop

"Pushing Stop" will ask our Video Heroes about their final days working for video stores and how the transition from VHS to DVD impacted their experience.

S2: Secrets of the Staff

"Secrets of the Staff" asks our Video Heroes about their interaction with co-workers and the drama they encountered plus some behind-the-scenes details that customer l...

S2: Video Land Maniacs

"Video Land Maniacs" includes crazy and quirky customer interactions, ridiculous experiences, and memorable days for our Video Heroes.

Interview with Ira Belfer of Captain Video

Rental Return creator Adam travels to Captain Video in San Mateo, CA to interview the owner Ira Belfer.

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