The brain child of VHS collector Adam Pope, Rental Return interviews former video rental store employees about their experience during the glory days of VHS, Betamax, and DVD. Different "Video Heroes" are included with each season for perspectives from all eras of video rental store history.

The first two season feature a multi-interview audio experience produced by Jason Gross of The Retro Network. Season 3 has transitioned to a one-on-one interview format. Preview and Rewind episodes for each season feature Adam, Jason, and VHS guru Chad Young discussing their VHS collecting experience.

What Rental Return listeners are saying:

"Love it! This certainly conjures lots of fun memories from my formative years!" - warrior2stay on Apple Podcasts

"Fantastic! An important archive of experiences!" - YupOkay on Apple Podcasts

"Great Show! A really fun show taking a look back at the glory days of rental videos, back rooms, and the quirky patrons and employees within their walls." - That Old Comic Smell on Apple Podcasts

"A nice trip down memory lane. A nice easy breezy listen. All the speakers are engaging in their own way. If you have fond memories of visiting a video store growing up this is a must listen." - bahbahumbug on Apple Podcasts
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