S1: Pushing Play

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"Pushing Play" will ask our Video Heroes what made them want to work in a video store, how they got the job, what their training process was like, and what kind of co-workers they had.
The first season of Rental Return - Tales From the Video Store continues! In Episode 1, we introduced our Video Heroes including their first experiences with renting VHS tapes and what their local video stores were like. You also heard the interviewees thoughts on how cable television impacted their movie experience and what some of their favorite rentals were as kids.

Now in Episode 2, you'll get a deeper knowledge of why our Heroes wanted to work at a video rental store. You'll get to hear what the training process was like and in Zac's case, what it was like to setup a brand new Blockbuster store. Our heroes also tell us about their co-workers and supervisors they had and if they were just as enamored with movies or saw it as more of just a job. Amanda also explains a little bit about ordering new titles at her parents' store and even a special video store owners' convention in Las Vegas that she attended in 1996.

Our "Video Heroes" for Season 1 include Amanda Stefaniuk, Chris Tanski, Christian McGalliard, Gary Keffer, JP Vriess, Preston Burt, and Zac Shipley. Follow @TRNsocial on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for more from Rental Return visuals and VHS memories.

If you are a former rental store employee and would like to be interviewed for an upcoming season, please contact Adam @hojukoolander on Twitter or email Jason@TheRetroNetwork.com
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S1: Pushing Play
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