S2: Rewind the Grind

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"Rewind the Grind" asks our Video Heroes about their favorite and least favorite parts of the job, perks they enjoyed, and things they didn't anticipate.
Season 2 of Rental Return - Tales From the Video Store continues with "Rewind the Grind!" In Episode 2, we asked our Video Heroes why they were motivated to work at a video store and how they got the job. Now in Episode 3, we get more into their daily routines at the store like what were their favorite parts of the job and on the flip side, what was their least favorite things to do. We'll also find out some of the perks that our Heroes received including Mark's unique position as an operator to score concert tickets from local radio stations when he purchased ad time. We'll also ask our heroes about some of the mundane tasks they had to perform like rewinding tapes and shrink-wrapping previous viewed movies for sale. You'll also hear some things they didn't anticipate having to do like when the store owner's put a cappuccino bar inside Matthew's store and he had to learn how to use a cappuccino machine.

Our "Video Heroes" for Season 2 include Mark DeWitt (@Mark_DeWitt), Brian B. (@InnerDemonsGR), Joe Corey (@YourCanadianGF), Matthew Corey (@rollerdogNC), Bob O’Rourke (@constrictionpix), William Lanham (@deadly_dinosaur), Colin Fitzpatrick, Alan Smith, W. Axel Foley aka Billy Foley, and Brandon Meyers.

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If you are a former rental store employee and would like to be interviewed for an upcoming season, please contact Adam @hojukoolander on Twitter or email hojukoolander@gmail.com

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S2: Rewind the Grind
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