Season 2 Rewind

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Adam, Chad, and Jason bookend Season 2 by reflecting on what they learned about rental stores, favorite stories that were shared, and their recent VHS collecting experience.
With Season 2 of Rental Return in the books, Adam (@Hojukoolander), Chad (@HorrorMovieBBQ), and Jason (@RD80s) bookend the season by reflecting on what they learned through the experiences shared by the Video Heroes. They discuss some of the crazier stories, things they did not know about the video store business, and favorite moments overall. They also talk about some old newspaper stories that Jason dug up from the '80s about video rental stores, news about a video store closing recently in PA, and the trio's recent acquisitions in their collections.

Erol's Video Club Newspaper Ads
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Adam aka Hoju Koolander
Adam aka Hoju Koolander
Host of Wizards, Rental Return, Thrift Store Horde & Waxpack Flashback on The Retro Network.
Jason Gross
Jason Gross
Podcast host and producer for The Retro Network and Rediscover the '80s.
Season 2 Rewind
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